In Notion Now: Week 18, Burna Boy, girl in red, Finn Askew, BERWYN, Phoebe Green, Prospa, Gaff, salute, Wesley Joseph and more.

"Kilometre" by Burna Boy

Afrofusion pioneer, Burna Boy, returns with his first solo single since his Grammy award-winning album, 'Twice As Tall'. He's also revealed that another LP will be dropping this year. We've got our eyes peeled.

"Body And Mind" by girl in red

Norwegian artist girl in red has finally dropped her highly-anticipated debut album, 'If I Could Make It Go Quiet', which grapples with mental health, unrequited love and rage. It's an ambitious, rousing record that's everything we hoped for.


Trinidad-born, Romford-raised rapper, singer, songwriter and producer BERWYN explores the theme of solitude on his new track. When his brother recently asked him if he would genuinely rather die than be deported he replied that ‘it’s not really about that, it’s about being so below everything that you’re more or less not there. It’s about putting everything so far below ground that you may as well not exist.’

"Cherry Bomb" by Finn Askew

Finn Askew is establishing himself with an already recognisable sound, and this earworm tune continues to build the momentum around the exciting artist. "'Cherry Bomb' is such a mazza! When I first heard the piano riff I fell in love & knew that it was special!" Finn said. "Wanted to come back from the first project with something different before really showing off my sound which is yet to come".

"WANT NEED LOVE" by Prospa

Electronic duo Prospa soundtrack our return to the dancefloor with this powerful, euphoric and nostalgia-inducing new number. Dance music is needed now more than ever.

"IDK" by Phoebe Green

Dubbed 'Manchester's next big thing', Phoebe Green' new track "IDK" is her first new music since debut EP 'I Can’t Cry For You' arrived in December. The song "embraces the overwhelming feeling of watching life pass you by, Green explains: “[It] explores a complete detachment from reality, observing things from a place of total apathy and feeling as though I’m witnessing my life as a bystander with little to no connection to it".

"Friday on a Tuesday" by Gaff

Gaff's languid King Krule-esque vocals shine on this new number, which features pared-back production. “I was really just having fun with this one and trying to create something without boundaries. I think this song represents me venting to myself and also just an anthem for doing whatever it is you want", Gaff said.

"Higher" by Everyone You Know

Genre-bending brothers, Everyone You Know, are back with another sick track, this time featuring a distorted bass and a driving drum groove. Rhys’ breathy vocals jump on top of the production, and we can't help but think how euphoric it would be to hear this live.

"Want U There" by salute

Austrian electronic producer salute releases his brand new single "Want U There", which runs on speed garage energy and courses with a hopeful energy as we look to clubs opening again in the near future. "With such a horrible year behind us, I hope this track puts a few smiles on some faces", salute said.

"Ultramarine" by Wesley Joseph

Wesley Joseph returns with the ominous track "Ultramarine". Rapped over a pacing heartbeat, the multi-hyphenate artist said: "The song had a really dark, romantic, twisted, future funk vibe to it. I couldn’t put my finger on what the feeling was - but it felt eerie and tense, like the soundtrack to a romantic nightmare".

"BS" by Milan Ring & Che Lingo

Sydney artist Milan Ring links up with the UK's Che Lingo for this heady new single about being done with bad energy and BS. “Life keeps throwing us BS but how are we going to deal with it?” Milan says of the track.

"The Way You Felt" by Alec Benjamin

Synths wrap around Alec's delicate vocals on this hummable new bop. "‘The Way You Felt’ was written in the darker part of my COVID experience”, Alec shared. “It was a period when we were experiencing a lot of physical isolation. I was just thinking about what it was like to be close to somebody and missing that.”

"Purr (feat. Kari Faux)" by Kyle Dion

"People are ready to have fun," Kyle says. "Nobody wants to be sad as hell anymore--we already did that." His new single "Purr" is just that - a feelgood track to lift our spirits.

"Tonongo" by Lojay & Sarz

Nigerian musician Lojay and super producer Sarz drop this sultry tune about Sarz’s experience of falling in love with a stripper. It’s taken from their forthcoming EP. “‘Tonongo’ is about expressing the depth of emotion that lies beyond the surface. The single was inspired by the atmosphere of a strip club - moody and dark - a fitting ode to the dancer the song was written about. I enjoy the duality of the song", Lojay said.

"Koko" by Karen Nyame KG & Mista Silva

Karen Nyame KG and Afrobeats artist Mista Silva team up for this new single that you won't be able to resist replaying.

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