L.A. Salami, the self-proclaimed "Intergalactical Troubadour", unveils the director's cut of his acclaimed 2022 album 'OTTOLINE'.

South London artist L.A. Salami has channeled his unique cosmic sound into his last two full-length albums. This deluxe edition offers a comprehensive exploration of Salami’s early 2020s sound, spanning across folk, rock and roll, neo-soul and hip-hop, all while remaining authentically L.A. Salami.


With 18 tracks, the album features the original 2022 release with an additional mesmerising five tracks. Leading the pack is the track ‘THE TALISMAN,’ delineating a character integral to Salami’s work since the late 2010s. Salami provides deeper insight into the character, describing ‘THE TALISMAN’ as “a giant version of myself that lives at the end of time and space, having made all the right decisions and learned all the right lessons.”


Lookman Adekunle Salami, a British singer and songwriter signed to Sunday Best Recordings & Domino Publishing, first gained recognition in 2014 with ‘The Prelude’ EP. His artistic journey has been marked by accolades from BBC Radio 1 and Esquire Magazine, and he’s recently began referring to himself as an Intergalactical Troubadour – celebrating the refinement of his own sound, which takes shape in his last two full-length albums. With OTTOLINE: The Director’s Cut (Deluxe), he reaffirms his status as an artist fearlessly exploring the depths of his creativity while maintaining a strong connection with listeners.

Listen to 'OTTOLINE: The Director's Cut (Deluxe)' now: