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Here's what happened at our exclusive event with Sailor Jerry, celebrating the power of authenticity with panelists Hak Baker, Gemma Kane, Emily Wood and Delphin Musquet.

At The Hoxton, Shoreditch last Wednesday, we were joined by Sailor Jerry to cohost a panel discussion with one of the capital’s most exciting musicians, Hak Baker. For those lucky enough to be in attendance, the talk amplified the east Londoner’s creative story while championing the voices of the Sailor Jerry Global Brand & Culture Ambassador Gemma Kane, makeup artist Emily Wood, and tattoo artist turned creative director Delphin Musquet.


Grant Brydon, journalist and author of Life Lessons from Hip-Hop, kickstarted the talk, provoking conversation and debates about the creative world at large. Bringing different perspectives to the table, the panellists discussed at length their opinions on being a creative in London and how they got to where they are today. There was time for questions too, as the audience asked how the individuals broke through the noise and got their foot in such unforgiving industries. 


As expected, Hak was a beacon of inspiration. The artist shared life lessons amassed through his upbringing in east London and his subsequent rise to musical fame. One of the key takeaways? Always be yourself and believe in who you are, because on those mornings when you need validation, no one is going to pick you up bar yourself.


The other panellists’ contributions were equally valuable. Delphin highlighted the importance of giving back, Gemma advised stay true to yourself, while the wise and thoroughly entertaining Emily told us to surround ourselves with people who make us feel good; people who radiate energy rather than take it away from you.


As the panel bowed out, there was a sense that the audience came away feeling invigorated. Finishing their Jerry Cola cocktails, the crowd and panellists came together, mingling and mulling over what was discussed.


Sailor Jerry has shown an unwavering passion for the arts, championing the underdog and supporting grassroots communities. In Hak, they have collaborated with someone who shares their rebellious creative spirit and propensity for independent thought and endeavour.


In the latest evolution of this bold collaboration, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum announces ‘Sailor Jerry Presents: The Lock In Series’ with G-Folk musician and self-proclaimed Mis-Fit, Hak Baker. With a limited number of golden tickets to be won, lucky winners have the chance to party with Sailor Jerry and Hak Baker in a series of exclusive parties across selected UK cities in April & May 2024.


Win your invite to party! With a limited number of party tickets available in each city up for grabs, fans can enter by purchasing any Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum serve at participating UK venues (sorry, Ireland, not this time), and upload your receipt to, to be in with a chance to attend the ‘Sailor Jerry Presents: The Lock In Series w/ Hak Baker’ in Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Bristol, 2024.


Check out what went down below.

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