From Britney to Bladee, Charli XCX to six Capricorns, here's Notion HQ's best and worst of this year's Spotify Wrapped.

The year’s nearly up and that means Spotify wrapped season is finally here. It’s time for your deepest guilty pleasures to resurface and your true colours to show: the algorithm doesn’t lie, people, so we won’t be hearing any excuses.


Baiting ourselves out for a second year running, here at Notion HQ, we’ve rounded up the biggest takeaways from our personal Spotify Wrapped highlights. From hyper-fixating on The Japanese House to Britney Spears soundtracking our quarter-life crises, here’s everything you need to know about our oddball music tastes.

Nicholas Douglas – Creative Director


“Judge me if you want to, but this is my top five most-played artists this year”.

Kitty Robson – Head of Editorial


“Well when Taylor releases two re-records in one year what do you expect me to do? Not play them in the order Mother intended?”


Rosie Byers – Managing Editor


“On top (always) in February, Britney was my birthday soundtrack to a quarter life crisis”.

Liam Cattermole – Editorial Coordinator


“This whole card screams I rate a pint of Guinness at The Auld Shillelagh… I’ve given myself the ick”.


Kinga Kutermankiewicz – Graphic Designer


“I played this song againagainagain after seeing it live at Connect Festival in Edinburgh”.


Ed Sullivan – Partnerships Manager of Studio Notion


“Lot to unpack here, not sure what’s more surprising, Springsteen knocked off his perch or Jay Z creeping into the top 5”


Georgia Sims – Editorial Account Manager


“There is something in this song that scratches my brain…or maybe I was just manifesting some friends – either way this song was my hyperfixation this year!”


Darcy Culverhouse – Editorial Intern


“Metronomy were my top artists of the year, and I’m not complaining. ‘16 Beat’ and ‘Lately’ are up there with my favourite tracks of all time”.


Maria Mukaranda – Editorial Intern


“The lead singers of all the bands in my top five are Capricorns, and so am I”!


Yazzi Gokcemen – Editorial Intern


“Sounds about right. One moment I’m in my feels playing Dean Blunt, the next I’m non-stop bopping to Da Break. I suppose it’s the ADHD…”


Italia Minchella – Production Intern


“Fun fact, Charli XCX has consistently been in my top 5 most played artists since wrapped has existed (and probably before it existed too). I’m never beating the chronically online allegations”.


Shannon Cathcart – Creative Intern

“I’ve never even been to GutteRing”…