Notion has teamed up with the national charity, Youth Music, and young creatives, to present 'The Higher Frequency' podcast.

Launching on 20th November, ‘The Higher Frequency’ podcast sees UK-wide creatives combine their skills to bring an exciting show discussing subcultures, stereotypes and social issues behind today’s music.


Passing the mic along the length and breadth of the UK – from Cardiff to Brighton, Glasgow to Bristol and beyond – fifteen young producers, presenters and journalists were chosen to work under the expert guidance of Executive Producer Femi Oriogun-Williams (BoldFace Productions).


Sharing an ethos for pioneering talent, Notion Magazine has partnered with national music and young people’s charity, Youth Music, who commissioned the podcast. Creative industry careers should be an option for everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, and that’s why Youth Music’s Next Gen programme aims to equalise creative career opportunities in Britain. ‘The Higher Frequency’ is one exciting product of the nation’s great young minds.

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The podcast’s young creatives interviewed a plethora of emerging and experienced special guests including GIRLI; Vital; Zoka the Author; [K S R]; Lavs; Estée Blu and Nadia Khan.


23-year-old Bristol resident, Tara Klein, produced the podcast episode This is Not a Drill’, which examines misunderstood scenes in music. She says: “Being able to bring other artists on board who are making waves in different scenes, extending this platform beyond ourselves and amplifying voices: that’s creative community in action. Youth Music has nailed the balance between providing mentorship and support while holding space for creative autonomy, and it’s clear that representation is front and centre. It’s really set the benchmark for what industry work can – and should – feel like at the core.”


Youth Music’s Next Gen programme launched in 2019, provides 18-25-year-olds with paid opportunities and campaigning for change. Last week, the charity announced recipients of its first Incubator Fund release, designed to improve access to sustainable music careers for underrepresented young people.


Executive Producer, Femi Oriogun-Williams (BoldFace Productions) says: “It’s been an amazing experience which has given the young people involved the opportunity to have conversations with a wide range of musicians, experts and thinkers about the music they listen to. I can’t wait to hear what people think!”


Visit The Higher Frequency website here and subscribe to Youth Music’s Next Gen newsletter to hear about new episodes first.

Get a taste of 'The Higher Frequency' below:

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