Queen Frequency & the Twats unveil their psychedelic rock album ‘Observations of a lonely Planet Part 1’.

Running just under 35 minutes, the 25 track project tells the story of the demise of Earth in a classroom-based setting, similar to Lauryn Hill’s famous album, ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’.


The first track opens with a voiceover of a teacher and her pupils going over what happened to Earth, building a world that could soon feel all too familiar. The voiceover segment makes appearances throughout the album, solidifying the concept of storytelling. With undertones of political and social observations, this body of work, through an introspective lens, takes a look at the world we live in today.


A concept album that merges feminism and science fiction to build a world soundtracked by funky vocal melodies and playful punk rhythms. This is a group of creatives, as well as talented musicians, who have a clear vision on how to deliver their thought provoking, futuristic concepts. Making their ideas digestible for listeners all while we get lost under the haze of frantic electric guitar motifs. Speaking on the project they said: “This album has two themes: On the one hand, with the classroom storyline, it simplifies world problems that are going on currently in a way that a child could understand. While on a more personal level, the album dissects many existing facets of femininity.”


Accompanying the album release is a vintage-style video to the track ‘Didn’t Know Better’, shot on Super 16 film. Filmed against a backdrop that perhaps replicates the garden of Eden while the song tells the story of the strains of motherhood. Meghan adds: “Lyrically the song is based off of turn-of-the-century feminist novel ‘The Awakening’ by Kate Chopin. The video itself was shot on Super 16 film and dissects the domestic demands that are expected of women across time — from the mythical “first woman” Eve to a futuristic setting.”

Stream the entire album below: