Middle Name John gives a lens into his persona in debut album, Obviously Confidential.

Somewhere in between the hypnotic groove of post-punk and the thumping percussion of rock lies Middle Name John’s artistry. More akin to a conductor of runaway trains than a narrator, his artistry acts a two-way mirror into the personal and collective, crafting lyrics that act as social commentary on the world around him. Carrying his introspective nature into his latest album, Obviously Confidential shines light on modern-day individualism, offering a beacon of hope amidst the complexities of the world.


Throughout Obviously Confidential, the anonymous creative guides listeners through eight tracks, as he takes us down his own musical rabbit hole. From the off-kilter drum rhythms of ‘Hello Friend’ entwined with indie-rock guitar licks, to the tighter rhythms and experimentality of ‘Give Me Time’, each track serves gritty-goodness that treads the lines between alternative and rock.


Penned amidst a backdrop of global pause and unrest, the album intentionally captures the chaos and confusion of its time, with dialogues unfolding in both public and internal spheres. Nowhere is this chaos more palpable than in the climatic rollercoaster of  ‘Too Much Too Soon’, where live drums collide with glitchy emotional crescendos, leaving a mark on the listener’s psyche.


When speaking about the album Middle Name John says: “There are a few common themes and ideas running throughout the album. Uncertainty is surely one of them. Another would be that it’s okay to reject divisive ideas fed to us by authoritative figures and if that turns people off, that’s okay. Say hello to friends and cherish the people who push you forward when you feel too slow (you aren’t too slow). Everything does feel different, but while the world may be cruel…don’t let it make you mean.”

Listen to Obviously Confidential now: