Singer-songwriter Caleb Peters is back with his hype-pop collaboration with Lil B, which Peters wrote and produced in only five hours.

Originally hailing from Detroit, 18-year-old singer-songwriter and producer Caleb Peters has been making music since he was 13 years old. Peters was discovered on Tik Tok just before his 18th birthday, when his cover of The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather” went viral.


Since then, he’s been on an upward trajectory. Peters came out with his debut single “Carousel”, which was picked up by Urban Outfitters for a commercial, as well as being featured on Spotify’s playlist ‘New Music Friday’. Upon releasing the “Carousel Remix” with Devault on the 13th August 2021, the track went exponential, having already racked up 125,000 YouTube views and 100,000 streams on Spotify to date.


Now he’s back with his latest release, “OH MY GOD!” featuring legendary artist Lil B and friend Tommy Fleece. Whilst Tommy and Caleb were sitting in their car in LA listening to Lil B, they realised they needed to make a collaboration happen. Once the ball was set into motion, the genesis of the track was speedy. One five-hour bedroom session later the track was complete and sent off to Lil B to record his verse. Speaking on “OH MY GOD!”, Caleb explains: “We were literally just writing stuff like it was supposed to be a song with Lil B, we weren’t trying to give it a deep meaning.”

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