Scottish singer-songwriter Archie celebrates life’s twists and turns in his latest single, ‘Olivia’.

Writing a love letter to his hometown Glasgow, Scottish sweetheart, Archie is only bouncing back after a recent breakup. With inspiration for his latest track ‘Olivia’ sprouting from the freshness of a first date post-breakup, it was that moment of rediscovery that fuelled his desire to explore his emotions at the prospect of a new beginning.


Delving into personal experiences is far from a new stint for Archie: his vulnerability and authenticity is something rooted at the core of his artistry. Believing that all music is valid, he stands among a rare breed of artists yearning for a return to a time when music spoke for itself. From his heart-wrenching debut, ‘Everything She Does Is Beautiful’ to his latest EP and single, Archie’s music speaks volumes for its own merit, crafting tender soundscapes filled with heartfelt lyricism.


While journeying into the complexities of relationships and self-discovery, ‘Olivia’ emerges as a track steeped in confidence and newfound freedom. Infusing folk nuances into an infectious pop melody, the soundscape is enriched by the gentle strumming of acoustic guitars and entrancing drumbeats. With each note and poignant lyric, Archie beckons listeners through the streets of Glasgow, where resilience flourishes amidst the ebb and flows of life’s challenges.

Listen to 'Olivia' now: