henry K expertly blends pop-rock and hip-hop in his genre-bending new track, ‘On and On”, out now.


At the tender age of 21, Georgia-based artist henry K is serially producing pop hits – and his brand new single, “On and On” is no different. He has crafted a fresh sound for fans of both pop and hip-hop by interweaving hard-hitting baselines and dynamic beats.


Blending melodic guitars, rhythmic drums, and full-bodied synths, the track boasts an upbeat sonic landscape with all the makings of a great dance tune. In direct contrast to its infectious nature, it is underpinned with lyrics that navigate a relationship turned sour. The raw honesty of Henry’s words doesn’t take away from the single’s vibrancy, though, instead proving the rising star’s versatility as both a musician and songwriter. 

Against his recent releases, “Hate Me” and “Toxic Love”, which lean more towards Henry’s alternative influences, “On and On” marks a new direction for the artist.

Stream “On and On” below: