Rising musician Don Afric draws on his Moroccan heritage for infectious hip-hop-infused track “On Fire”.

Between floaty vocals, and sophisticated hip-hop beats, Don Afric is producing his most sonically honest music yet. His latest release “On Fire” nods to his roots with a sound that combines spirituality and Arabic instrumentation. The oud, Darbuka and lute are among the instruments which give the track a new dimension and draw in listeners both from his homeland and from across the globe. 


Inspired by artists like Drake, Don plays on the duality of mixing delicate tones and rapping in his music. His previous release, “Yellow Pages”, which collectively gained over 500,000 plays on Spotify, played host to an impressive five languages. The multi-linguist puts his skills down to his eclectic music taste that spans the world round. For “On Fire”, though, he opts for English with lyrics that explore the excitement of a club scene and passionate love. 


Opening up about what “On Fire” means to him, Don Afric says, I want this song to be the start of my music career. It defines me and the type of music I would like to be making and spreading until the end of my career.”