Pop and R&B musician, WONDR, releases the brand new single “On Fire”.

Having always been attracted to the fast lane, WONDR’s initial dreams of greatness centred around the likes of racing legends Michael Schumacher and Dale Earnhardt Sr. However, after receiving his first guitar in elementary school, WONDR changed gears and started writing, producing, and recording hip-hop records that tracked his passion for racing, personal stories from his love life and his journey to becoming a champion in the music industry.


With millions of streams already under his belt, WONDR returns with his electrifying new offering, “On Fire”. The track allows WONDR’s hypnotic soulful vocals to take centre stage, opening with acoustic guitar before transforming into a fusion of heavy-hitting beats and cutting-edge production. 


“On Fire” is only set to blow up, having caught the attention of Leo Messi’s flagship clothing line ‘The Messi Store.’ The song, and WONDR, front the brand’s latest campaign, which you can watch here


The track relates an experience WONDR has had that he holds close to his heart: “It’s about finding the girl who’s going to ride or die with me through the hard times of being an independent artist. Initially, she seems too good to be true… Fortunately, it turns out she’s not someone looking for status or money… She doesn’t care what my current payroll looks like, she’s attracted to my hustle and drive.”


With a busy summer ahead and more music to come, fasten your seatbelts because WONDR’s musical journey is set to be an exhilarating ride. 

Stream the track below: