Dynamic duo Kmawa and William Wallace team up for a brand new R&B must-listen.

Meeting back in 2018, it didn’t take long for Kmawa and William Wallace to get to work, swiftly crafting some of Boston’s hottest soul and R&B sounds. Initially aligning their stars with their shared admiration for 90’s hip-hop, the pair began charting their own course adding their personal modern twist to the pre-loved sound. While holding authenticity to their core, the pair’s approach to music is simple: they’re doing it on their own terms and doing things their way.


While Kmawa draws inspiration from the childhood sounds of Stevie Wonder, William finds influence in bringing his own life experiences to the collaboration. Infusing impeccable wordplay amidst an array of soulful sample chops, both artists view their craft as a platform for expression, challenging stereotypes and embarking on an endless quest for self-discovery.


In their latest track, ‘On the Low’ the spotlight shines on seamless production, as William crafts a laid-back hip-hop beat infused with R&B tinges. As the relaxed beat plays out, William unfurls poignant verses with effortless flow, underscoring authenticity in every line. As the track reaches its climax, Kmawa swoops in with soulful vocals reaching its high-octane peak as the track draws to a close.


Speaking about the new single, Kmawa and William Wallace explain, “In an industry dominated by content creators pressured to create and follow a prescribed narrative for success, happiness comes when you approach music on your own terms and take your time with it.”

Listen to 'On the Low' now: