Boston alternative R&B artist Serge Alex releases new single "ONE NIGHT", a vulnerable affair written and produced in his childhood bedroom.

Serge Alex is the alternative R&B artist making waves in Boston’s burgeoning music scene. Sitting in a pocket with Gen Z’s biggest names, from Joji to Pinkpantheress, the musician takes a contemporary stance, releasing both unclassifiable and unforgettable singles. Finding a winning formula, there’s no doubt that his latest single, “ONE NIGHT” will help him ascend into this year’s musical stratosphere.


A first generation Haitian American, Serge has risen through the ranks and nurtured a distinctive, personality-driven sound. Produced during the pandemic, “ONE NIGHT” takes influence from Summer Walker’s debut mixtape ‘Last Day of Summer’. Brimming with glistening melodies and irresistible lyricism, the stripped-back affair is a sultry listen. 


On the track, Serge says “ONE NIGHT means a lot to me because it touches more on my introspection part of hook-up culture rather than accusing the individual for leaving me.” Made in his childhood bedroom, it’s a highly personal affair that seeks to expose himself in the most vulnerable of ways.

Stream "ONE NIGHT" below: