Spiritual revolutionary-stroke-popstar NEO 10Y celebrates his seventh year of artistry with his new single, “ONENESS (WHO WE ARE)”, out now.

Meet NEO 10Y, aka Nik Thakkar. He’s the visionary dedicated to manifesting a Protopian dimension of peace through the all-consuming energy of love. And, this week, he’s released his grooving sonic tapestry “ONENESS (WHO WE ARE)”, a single that hammers home his message of love. The subversive pop cut features anthemic drums, heavy bass lines and intricate synth lines to form yet another eclectic soundscape, as he’s recognised for.


Opening up on the track, Nik explains, “It’s my 7th year as NEO 10Y this summer and I wanted to release a song that encompasses my message of love and self-realisation so that we can help manifest a Protopian dimension of peace together.” He continues,  ONENESS (WHO WE ARE) is a genre-expansive trip designed to take us on a trip inward so that we have the chance to choose love and connect with the most authentic versions of ourselves.”


The burgeoning artist’s spiritual roots run deeper than his output; his artist moniker NEO 10Y and his Sanskrit ancestral name Nikhil translating to ‘complete’. Hailing from London with Indian ancestry, Nik is not only a musician, but also a revolutionary artist. Embracing technology at the heart of what he creates, he’s been known for his 360º immersive experiences which take place in all from raves to the Roundhouse. 


He brings his futuristic artistry to an accompanying music video for “ONENESS (WHO WE ARE)”. Filmed in London and LA, the action-packed clip is the 16th instalment in his hyperreal universe. 

Stream "ONENESS (WHO WE ARE)" below: