Only the Blind boldly steps into the limelight again, this time with the reveal of their latest endeavour, the Mirage collection.

Only the Blind, the avant-garde London-based luxury streetwear label renowned for its innovative designs, presents its latest collection: a transcendent journey into a dreamscape inspired by the enigmatic allure of a desert night. The collection commands not just with its aesthetic allure, but with its conscientious nod towards sustainability and elevated craftsmanship.


True to the brand’s eco-conscious ethos, Mirage boasts a meticulously crafted ensemble of garments fashioned from 100% organic cotton, certified by the esteemed Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS®). Each piece not only showcases the brand’s dedication to environmental responsibility but also potentially heralds a new wave of design innovation within luxury streetwear.


Among the collection’s standout offerings are jacquard woven ensembles that marry traditional artisanship with contemporary flair, lace crochet jackets that exude a bold fusion of delicacy and urban edge, and imported Japanese selvedge denims renowned for their unparalleled quality. Not to be overlooked are the luxurious silk sets that effortlessly blend opulence with comfort, setting a new benchmark for refined streetwear.


Embracing the artistry inherent in their craft, Only the Blind introduces intricate embroideries that breathe life into the collection’s graphics, some requiring up to eight hours per hoodie to complete.


As the sun sets on traditional retail paradigms, Only the Blind forges new alliances with esteemed retailers, including the illustrious Printemps Paris Flagship Store, Galeries Lafayette Qatar, and Moda404 in the USA. These partnerships herald a new era of accessibility for the brand, bringing its visionary creations to a global audience.


Find out more and shop the collection online here.