Upcoming hip-hop artist m$sha teams up with Jay Critch on ground-breaking alt hip-hop hit, “OOPS”.

With his youthful energy and flowing lyrics, m$sha is crafting a new sound he’s ready to take global. And, for his debut single, he’s joined forces with heavy hitter Jay Critch. The alternative hip-hop track showcases Misha’s attention to detail, with smooth vocals and stellar instrumentals.


Born and raised in California, the musician is following in the footsteps of artists including influence Yeat. He also names Playboi Carti as one of his original inspirations. With one foot already in the door, he’s currently in the middle of a tour of mini-shows across Europe. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. There are rumours of potential collaborations with some huge names coming up, from Lil Tracy to Mattox. 


Speaking on where he sources his inspiration, Misha explains, I try to listen to everything. I think there’s value in learning from artists in different genres. You realize there’s no right approach to making your music, and it makes the writing process that much more exciting!”.

Stream "OOPS" below.