Teenage newcomer, Buppy., shares his sophomore single, "Open My Letter", penned to an ex.

At just 17-years-old, Buppy. already knows how to craft a pop ballad. His new single “Open My Letter” is teeming with eloquent vulnerability and serves as his second single to date, following “Violence”, released earlier this year.


“The song serves as an open letter to my first love”, Buppy recounts. “I explain my unhealthy attachment to her, despite the mental manipulation she so commonly practiced. The song, like many of my works, was the closure I needed to leave this situation in the past. Writing ‘Open My Letter’ was especially therapeutic”.


“Open My Letter” was written with Buppy.’s older sister, Eleanor Kingston, an artist herself. The pair moved from Utah to LA to follow their musical dreams. On the single, Buppy. also joined forces with composer, songwriter and producer, BOIA, to make the single out of his bedroom studio in LA.

Watch the music video below: