Folk duo Burr Island reconnect with nature in their latest tranquil track, ‘Our Home’, featuring trombonist Tim Smart.

‘It’s the little things in life’ is a timeless adage installed in many of us from an early age, which folk duo Burr Island hold so close to their artistry. Crafting introspective lyricism that takes you on an intimate yet melodic journey, it’s perhaps their latest track that truly pulls even the toughest heart’s strings. Titled ‘Our Home’, the sugary-sweet track is all about celebrating the beauty of nature and the everyday marvels of existence.


Comprised of best friends, Tom England and Oskar Porter, Burr Island have been the talk of the town since bursting onto the scene in 2023. Piquing the ears of folk fans for their rich acoustic soundscapes, they bare their soul crafting poignant lyricism that poses thought-provoking questions about life’s pressing matters.


With their debut album in the books for 2024, ‘Our Home’ gives us a folkalicious taste of what’s in store. Channelling a rhythm that could have been lifted straight out of folk’s heyday in the sixties, the track’s delicate acoustic guitar lines paint a picture of nature’s unspoilt beauty. Accompanied by uplifting piano chord progressions, we hear Burr Island’s sunken vocals harmonise with synergy as the lifting folk ballad plays out.


Featuring a trombone solo courtesy of Tim Smart, who has played for The Specials and Jacko Peake, ‘Our Home’ is nothing short of a much-needed homage to the spiritual solace found in nature, and more importantly a reminder of the connection we share with the world around us.


Burr Island say, “Writing this song was like sitting in the most tranquil of landscapes, merely observing what came into view. It’s about truly being in the natural world and reconnecting with our true home, where wisdom, inspiration, birth, rebirth and love can be seen, felt, tasted, heard, smelt in the smallest of things. We’re often told that we must ‘appreciate the small things’ and, in reality, the ‘small things’ are hugely important.”

Listen to 'Our Home' now: