Listen to touching anthem, "Our Love" that celebrates the exceptional bond shared between duo Grace Hong and Martin Wave.

Grace & Moji‘s love story resembles the classic Twin Flame union narrative. They crossed paths three months before the pandemic hit and decided to tie the knot on the first day of lockdown, scoring one of the last marriage certificates in LA. During their quarantine confinement, their bond grew stronger, and they delved into a transformative journey of self-discovery and creative exploration.


This musical duo shares their journey of nurturing a creative partnership, built on love, respect, and support. Their upcoming EP boldly explores the tensions and revelations of their relationship, through deeply insightful and vulnerable lyrics that have ignited personal growth. Get ready to experience a breakthrough in both music and your own life.


Grace, a New Yorker of Korean descent, started her musical journey early through classical piano and voice lessons. After pursuing a career in international development, Wall Street, and corporate leadership, she left everything behind to find happiness and purpose in the arts. She recently launched the solo project Nolo Grace and dropped her first single, “Wake Up,” featuring Sean Kingston.


Martin, an award-winning Swedish music producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, felt the call of music production at an early age, which led him to move to Los Angeles in 2018. His extensive portfolio includes collaborations with prominent artists, compositions for films and video games, and brand campaigns. With his mastery of an evocative blend of cinematic soundscapes, beats, and introspective lyrics, Martin will take you

on a personal transformation journey that reflects his lessons about love and a sense of belonging.


“Our Love” is a touching anthem that celebrates the exceptional bond shared between Grace Hong and Martin Wave. It offers a glimpse into their journey of personal growth and healing and the many facets of their relationship. This quirky, heartfelt song explores the depths of their love, ultimately leading to a place of beauty, harmony, understanding, and humor. Stay tuned for a moving and captivating musical experience!


A deliriously happy slice of chamber pop, Grace & Moji explores an exuberant take on what it means to be alive on “Our Love.” Vigorous nods to the stately stance of Fleet Foxes come through in abundance, from the honeyed vocals to the steady growth of the arrangement—their ear for melody results in this beautiful aural universe. The communal spirit that ties it together feels inspired by classic rock as they embark upon a mystical journey. Rather than outwards, they look inwards towards themselves to better understand their motivations. A unique approach, this is a starlit experience that goes for the meditative.


Stately, piano work glistens about. A wordless choir accompanies the expressive playing. As soon as it starts, it suddenly pulls back. With this dramatic flourish, they take a page from Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” as exploring the extremes, from hushed minimalism to intoxicating maximalism, feels gorgeous. They bring a lot of color into the arrangement, with themes constantly shifting through in this gorgeous kaleidoscopic way. Rhythms keep things reflective for the song’s strength resides in letting the whole thing wash over the listener. Best of all, they hold back allowing their shouted “Grace and Moji” to blossom in a dazzling array. Restraint is of the essence, giving equal weight to the overwhelming sense of power. Swirling about, the song falls out for the finale as the phrase echoes off into the distance.

Watch "Our Love" below: