Blending soulful synth pop and R&B, Brussels-born artist, MAVEE, unveils her highly anticipated EP, Out Of Time.

Poised with the mission to elevate R&B within her homeland of Belgium, MAVEE is making significant strides to turn this mission into reality. Using her softly sunken vocals to glide over pulsating instrumentals of basslines and swelling synths, MAVEE manifests the sultriest soundscapes imbued with her distinctive suave. As she carries her pioneering spirit into her artistry, her debut EP, Out Of Time, stands as her biggest project to date, as she navigates between heartfelt songwriting and intricate electronic instrumentation.


Exerting control over the creative process, MAVEE emerges as a triple threat, embodying the roles of artist, songwriter and producer. With each facet executed by her own hand, every lyric she pens and every note she crafts are done in synergy, effortlessly harmonising with one another. As she steps into newfound territory, MAVEE’s ability to tap into differing genres sees her join the cadre of artists unwilling to conform to one stylistic box. She does what she wants when she wants. She follows her instincts, simply “doing what she’s feeling in the moment.”


Being present in the moment and liberating herself from genre constraints has seen MAVEE produce some of her most immersive soundscapes to date, culminating in the creation of her debut EP, Out Of Time. Spanning 8-tracks, we see MAVEE elevating R&B to new heights by seamlessly blending deep basslines with crashing synths. With each track imbued with lyricism so poignant it reads like poetry, we witness MAVEE’s velvety vocals gracefully soar over a backdrop of seductive instrumentals as the EP marks another notch in her ever-impressive roaster.


Reflecting on the EP’s creation, MAVEE says, “Dealing with a break-up is a process that can take a lot of time, but eventually you run out of time, and you move on.”

Listen to Out Of Time now: