Dror is taking centre stage, wrapping us in a haunting embrace of alt-pop sounds with soulful undertones.

Rising from the sprawling expanse of a Texas upbringing, an emerging talent named Dror is introducing his unique brand of music that he affectionately dubs “Texas Pop”. With his upcoming debut EP, ‘Outlaw’, this enigmatic musician is taking centre stage, wrapping us in a haunting embrace of alt-pop sounds with soulful undertones that pay homage to both contemporary pop culture and traditional soundscapes.


Picture the rolling landscapes of the southwest – vast, untamed, and rugged. This is the backdrop of Dror’s songs, the canvas upon which he paints his expressive melodies. His early years were marked by an unyielding engagement with music. As a child, he was often singing and songwriting in Houston, with dreams of moving west. Dror’s environment and determination became the strong foundation of his distinctive sound.


“Outlaw”, the titular single of his debut EP, captures the essence of what makes Dror’s artistry so striking. The single is audaciously soulful, marrying a modern and cinematic quality with an echo of something ancient and profound. It is a sound both comforting and dark, like a campfire burning bright against a midnight sky.


Dror’s visually evocative style paints a vintage, Texan landscape in your mind, entwined with dystopian, Americana elements. But his artistry doesn’t end on the final note. Like a true Renaissance man, his creativity spills over into the realm of fashion. This jack-of-all-trades has styled for giants such as Adidas and Fendi, gracing editorials and NBA stars with his Midas touch.


Talking to Dror, you feel the immersive quality of his vision. “I’ve always been most inspired by artists that can create a whole world of their own,” he reveals. His universe is one where the music, the visuals, and the attire all flow in a seamless symphony, a holistic form of storytelling that is rare in an age of disposability and viral trends.


While we are spellbound by “Outlaw”, Dror is already gazing at the horizon. He has his sights this year on more live shows and is hopeful to grace the ears of many as an opener for fellow artists. The prairies are vast, and he is just at the beginning of his journey.


In a world where so much feels recycled and repeated, Dror is a musician crafting his own tide, bringing forth something both refreshingly original and deeply rooted. Like the iconic, cowboy silhouette against the setting Texan sun, Dror stands distinct, poised to carve a legacy within the dynamic landscape of today’s music.

Stream "Outlaw" below: