Victony's latest EP is a mixtape of infectious Afrobeats.

At the age of just 20, Victony has climbed to the summit of the Afrobeats scene. His hit tunes like “Holy Father” and “Apollo” have resonated around the world, notching impressive places on the charts and catapulting him to a truly impressive statistic of 950,000 Spotify listeners monthly.

He’s continuing the ascent now with the drop of his latest EP, ‘Outlaw’, a collection of seven tracks which circle around the question of how to live freely and authentically in a world which seems to crack down on individuality.

The EP proves to be a calling card for Victony’s ability to turn complicated feelings into infectiously catchy pop, with his smooth voice as the anchoring force behind a collection of earworm tunes, from the repeated refrains of closer “Kolomental” to the relaxed party atmosphere of “Jolene”.

On the EP, Victony says, This project means everything to me, because I was able to express myself in my truest form. I make all types of music and I want different people to connect with me on different levels – whether happy or sad, party person or loner. I make music for everyone, and I don’t want to be kept in a box, so I’m defying the norm, and this project is the start of it. Some of the songs on this project were recorded far back as 2020, I was supposed to drop this project in 2021, then the accident happened, but delay isn’t denial, so I know God has a reason for letting it happen, and I feel now He’s ready to show me to the world”.

Listen here: