In his latest single ‘Outsiders’, Cabo Don, Texas’s pop whizz, seamlessly melds classic hip-hop vibes with the rich tapestry of his life experiences.

Poised with his never-ending mission to create pop excellence, Cabo Don’s story is one steeped in classical excellency, where the pianist and esteemed violinist honed his craft to perfection. He now returns with a bang, presenting new single, ‘Outsiders’, a captivatingly lively gem featuring R&B virtuoso Trey Detroit.


‘Outsiders’ is a true musical voyage that melds perfect melodic pop with the rhythmic beats of hip-hop and the soulful hues of R&B. The whizz kid envelopes listeners into moments of romance and reflection as he embarks on a sonic journey to navigate the labyrinth of his life’s experiences with finesse. The track feels different. Whilst striking the perfect balance of elegant rhythm and recite-worthy hooks, Don manages to create a refreshingly unique sound, however, still stays consistent with stylistic trends of today’s pop soundscapes.


Resisting the urge to hum and sign along to the infectious rhythm of ‘Outsiders’ is a true challenge. It’s the kind of track you crave to blast in your car on a balmy summer’s day. It’s hopeful and jubilant vibe is simply contagious, making you want to put it on replay all day long.


Reflecting on his latest offering, Cabo Don shares: “This track is for all the people who wish their situationship would turn into something more real. Really soon.”


Listen to 'Outsiders' now: