NESCY J has announced her presence as an exciting new R&B artist with her debut track, "OVERDUE".

NESCY J grew up in a rich variety of disciplines. She loved the performing arts from a young age, starting on dancing lessons from the age of four, but she also benefited hugely from her family’s love of Christian music, such as her mother’s prolific work as a Gospel artist in church. It’s all helped to build a truly gifted and unique artist.


With so many creative options ahead of her, the path towards singing opened up in lockdown for NESCY J as the ideal outlet for her work, and for all the feelings she wished to communicate. Since, she’s worked hard to build a strong musical identity, and she’s now ready to put it out into the world.


NESCY J announces herself with this debut release, “OVERDUE”. Befitting the broadness of NESCY J’s artistic identity, it’s a track that takes the listener on a journey through a variation of moods and often contradictory emotions. All the way through are the confident R&B stylings and vocals of an artist who knows who she is, and is only waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.


On the track, she says, “OVERDUE is about two people in love but is love always enough though? If they stay together are they just delaying the heartbreak? They both want things to work out but the break up is overdue.”

Listen here: