Berlin-based duo – neo-classical pianist Dario Lessing and neo-soul vocalist James Chatburn – collaborate on ethereal track “Overflow”.

Dario Lessing and James Chatburn are no strangers to collaborating. Dario’s Berlin studio has become a cub for cultural exchange, seeing him work with a roster of international vocal talents for his upcoming album Frequency. Since his first release in 2019, the neo-classic piano virtuoso has dabbled in an array of projects, seeing his monthly listeners shoot from zero to one million, cementing his status as a rising star in the neo-classical world.


Singer James Chatburn has also carved a name for himself in the space of neo-soul, having worked with huge names such as The Internet and Jordan Rakei in the past. The latest product of Lessing’s and Chatburn’s partnership, “Overflow”, is a meditative, atmospheric track that emulates the calm of Autumn poignantly. Lessing’s soft piano lines melt soothingly into Chatburn’s haunting vocals, creating an effect that is somewhat reminiscent of James Blake.


“Overflow” was born of one of their many jams together and is sure to be a standout track on Dario Lessing’s upcoming album. Speaking on their relationship, James Chatburn explains: “We met a few times at gigs and Dario has this energy when he gets excited about music. I didn’t know what he was doing when we met for the first session but years later, we have spent days and days and days in the studio collaborating.”

Listen to the track below: