Four-piece RIKAS share their new song "Overthinking", a relatable track about feeling overwhelmed with life and insecure when comparing yourself to others.

When the pandemic scuppered RIKAS’ plans to go on tour this year, the band found themselves back in the studio earlier than expected.


Having released their debut album, ‘Showtime’, via Columbia Records/Sony last year, the band used this time to reflect on their successes from the past few years. “So much was happening, that for some reason we forgot that we have been living our dream in the past years”, they said.


As a result, RIKAS began to work with producers in Berlin over the summer and created the new song “Overthinking”.

“We were kind of stuck in a writer’s block. But somehow this song came in one day and we all fell in love immediately. We knew that this song will be our first song after our record ‘Showtime'” RIKAS said.


Lush, summery and yet melancholic, “Overthinking” has a “feel good vibe but we are actually talking about the feeling of being overwhelmed with life and everything [that’s] going on. You tend to compare yourself a lot and then you get the impression that your art or what you do is never enough”.


“All our shows have been cancelled but we have been busier than ever lately”, RIKAS admitted. “And we even filmed and directed the music video for Overthinking with our roommates. I would say it’ss a homage to Wes Anderson and the Baroque architecture in Stuttgart where we are living. I hope everybody takes a look cause it was super fun to make our own video”.  

Watch the music video for "Overthinking" below: