20-year-old emerging rapper Blu Jay shares trippy visuals for mesmerizing new hip-hop cut “Own Pace”.

Blu Jay is an ambitious new artist with an eagerness to showcase his sound. “Own Pace” is his second release of the year and comes with glitchy visuals through various camera angles. 


Just two years into his musical project, Jay is a young musician with a knack for crafting musically dynamic and emotive work. Originally taping his first few tracks on his iPhone, Jay later went on to release five cuts and three whole albums in 2020 alone. It wasn’t until his 2021 album ‘Mixed Emotions’ that the artist started to get some well-deserved praise. 


Now gaining widespread attention, this year has seen the artist share singles “Unusual”, “Own Pace” and “Medicine” – each track standing on its own two feet, as no Blu Jay song sounds the same. Evolving his nonchalant trap sound, Jay continues to dive deep with his authentic new release “Own Pace”. Short but sweet, this track has you itching for more and continues to drive his DIY aesthetic. Throughout these last two years, Jay has made waves, and it’s with this new music video and his lyrical depth that this rings true.

Stream "Own Pace" below: