A post-punk indie rock odyssey: press play on Owners Club's explosive debut EP.

In a musical landscape often saturated with formulaic sounds, a breath of fresh air is here in the form of Owners Club, the self-proclaimed “Pub Rock Four Piece” who are unleashing their debut EP. Aptly self-titled, this sonic adventure takes listeners on a captivating journey through the diverse tapestry of British rock history, and delivers it’s current culmination with ‘Owners Club’.


Owners Club’s inaugural EP, released via Goo Records, defies categorisation: blending elements of post-punk and indie rock with a grungy, joyous, and radiant spirit, the band’s influences span the spectrum, from iconic acts like Roxy Music to the contemporary swagger of The Strokes. Recorded earlier this year at the renowned Small Pond Studios in Brighton and produced by Matt Gleeson (of WELLY fame), the EP’s vinyl release is a showcase of Owners Club’s explosive and tightly-wound sound, meticulously honed.


The journey begins with the EP’s first single, ‘Double Diamond.’ This track weaves a gritty and romantic narrative around the life of the ashtray itself. Leading the EP is the enigmatic ‘Village Green,’ a track that unveils the band’s unique post-punk sound. With a backdrop of intricate acoustics, biting electric guitar licks, and precision drums, it combines elegance with buoyancy. Owners Club’s captivating lyricism and irreverent delivery are on full display as they explore the less glamorous facets of British life.


Speaking about the EP as a whole, Owners Club explains, “‘Double Diamond’ and ‘Village Green’ are reflections on Britain and British culture. While ‘Double Diamond’ has a more nostalgic outlook, ‘Village Green’ takes a swipe at the mindset of some Brits. ‘Evil Twin’ just came along for the ride. Maybe ‘Village Green’ is the ‘Evil Twin’ to ‘Double Diamond’? Maybe that’s what we were trying to say by including it… you decide.”


Owners Club has already garnered acclaim from BBC Introducing and sold-out shows across the South Coast, promising a thrilling debut on vinyl. With a sound that pays homage to British greats like Marc Bolan and The Jam while channeling the spirit of NYC icons like The Strokes and The Walkmen, Owners Club invites music lovers to embark on an electrifying and immersive journey.

Press play on 'Owners Club' now: