Micayl's latest single is a compellingly vulnerable work.

Micayl’s debut has been a long time coming. The German-born artist has spent formative years immersing themselves in both culture, such as the music of heroes like Bon Iver and Frank Ocean, and in place, forming a love of the multicultural nature of the UK during their time there.


This experience has given them a freeform sensibility and a willingness to mix and transform to their heart’s content, which they put proudly into their impactful debut, “Half Hearted Lover”, which earned plaudits across the music press and found them atop hot playlists like Spotify’s Fresh Finds.


Now, they’re back for another round with their latest single, “Paintaker”. It’s a soul-searching tune that explores the difficulty of finding certainty in questions of love and the harm that can result from finding yourself in the wrong kind of relationship, Micayl’s delicate vocals accentuating the vulnerability at the centre of the song.


It’s accompanied by a minimalistic music video which foregrounds that vulnerability, placing Micayl at the centre of a dark rainstorm, singing amidst the torrential elements – a compelling portrait of the artist alone who is making something of their pain.

Watch here: