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Built to withstand interplanetary travel, Palladium’s new collection will provide you with enough cover for your daily life on Earth.

Palladium has launched a new collection of Destiny branded boots inspired by the franchise’s new expansion set in the frozen frontier of Europa.


After the first instalment’s sell-out success, it’s no wonder Palladium has teamed up with Bungie’s Destiny video game franchise once more.


The new collection melds Palladium’s love for exploration with Destiny’s intergalactic setting to deliver a collaboration spacefaring adventurers will love. Featuring stylistic references to in-game locations and themes, each boot gives a stylish twist to the Destiny universe.


Leading the collaboration are the Pampa Sub Zero and Pampa Europa Tactical. The Pampa Sub Zero features a silhouette similar to Palladium’s iconic Pampa but with a futuristic update featuring Velcro® fastenings, reflective metal carabiner heel tabs and neon yellow insignia contrasting against a black leather colour base. The Pampa Sub Zero is an agile mid-rise ankle boot.

The Pampa Europa Tactical boasts a faux fur lining and a hi-rise above-the-ankle upper inspired by the protective boots favoured by artic explorers here on Earth.


Each colourway reflects the desolate landscapes brought to life in the new Destiny expansion with moonrock grey and deep space black shoes.


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