Latinx artist Blue Capricorn draws on the power of infatuation for newest offering, “PALO SANTO”, out now.

When Rodrigo Caraballo-Marin, AKA Blue Capricorn, entered the studio to record his latest track, there was no plan in mind. No ideas, no lyrics, no rhythms, zilch. As soon as the first hook was recorded, though, the rest of the track fell into place. The track they pulled together, titled “PALO SANTO” opens listeners to a new side of the Dallas-based artist – a side no one has seen until now. 


What came out of the team’s improvised session was intrinsically a love song about Rodrigo’s own experiences. It’s an alt-electronic offering that showcases his versatility in production and his storytelling talent. Despite being one of the happier tunes of his upcoming EP, ‘¡AYÚDAME!’, out September 8th, the track retains an underlying haunting feel and moving lyrics reminiscent of the likes of James Blake. 


Opening up on the meaning behind his new single, Rodrigo shares, “‘PALO SANTO’ is about desire and infatuation. It’s me being submissive and accepting of the idea of receiving love and being fragile to it and by it.” He continues, “Love wasn’t really something I was used to the last eight years of my life and I’ve learned so much about it until very recently. I didn’t know anything about love, and I’ve grown to be quite sensitive about it. It’s something I value more than ever.”

Stream "PALO SANTO" below: