PANGAIA has just expanded its Pop Colour collection to include shorts and sweatshirts - a great summer wardrobe addition.

Sustainable clothing brand PANGAIA has expanded its 7 Pop Colour collection for the summer months. The new shorts and sweatshirts available come in a range of bright colours, all inspired by the natural world. From the 7 colours of the rainbow to Earth’s 7 continents and the 7 seas, PANGAIA sees the number 7 as a symbol of unity.


The materials science company endeavours to put the environment at the forefront of their work, using 45% recycled cotton and 55% organic cotton in their collection. Proving that you don’t have to compromise the planet to be stylish, PANGAIA also uses bio-based, recycled fibres and materials made from recycled plastic bottles. They source the clothing dyes from natural origins such as plants, using innovative antibacterial peppermint to stay fresh for longer. This process uses a low water consumption and treatment of textile effluents, with the aim to reuse water during the washing process.


Get a taste of the vibrant new collection below!

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