After a two year hiatus, stockdale are back with their latest tune "paper thin", reminding us of they're skill at creating catchy pop.

Helmed by singer-songwriters Nomé, pilgrim and johdi, stockdale formed in 2018 and have made a name for themselves developing a unique sound that traverses genre. A lot has changed for the group since their last full-length release in 2020. All whilst navigating the pandemic, the group have embarked on solo projects and have had to come to terms with the end of romantic relationships as well as the death of a beloved member of their group. 


Banding together again in 2021, stockdale held weekly writing sessions that flowed late into the night. The track “paper thin” is the group’s newest offering and their debut single with Haldern Pop Recordings. Showcasing stockdale’s signature earworm melodies, the track is brimming with catchy breakbeat drums and 808 bass. The track is released alongside funky visuals, directed by Marcello Hachem and stockdale’s very own johdi.


Speaking on the “paper thin”, they explain: “This song is about coming to terms with yourself and the experiences that shape you, the realization that you’ve been defining yourself by a specific moment in your past, something so significant it pushes you out of reality and leaves you alone in a room full of people, too self-absorbed for social interaction, too fragile to let new moments in. The feeling of knowing you can’t change who you’ve become, but you’ll make the best of it for yourself and the people you love.”

Listen to "paper thin" below: