ParaFiction's new single combines hardcore punk, hip-hop and internet irony with brutal efficiency.

Hip hop has become distinctly more aggressive over the last five years. While the likes of DMX and M.O.P have never been afraid to give it to ya, the overall tone of rap has become a lot more, well shouty recently thanks to the likes of Takashi 69 and countless other MCs. While a lot of this new generation seemed to have swapped volume for lyrical ability there are few acts like Death Grips and Show Me The Body who have managed to balance both expertly. Until recently this has been a mainly US phenomenon but now Brighton group ParaFiction are bringing it to the UK.


Their new single ‘Wavey Days’ is a slice of hip hop inspired punk that incorporates elements of everything from the Beastie Boys to King Krule, Fugzai to Death Grips. In short, it’s loud, lo-fi and unafraid to offend. Premiering on Notion today, the accompanying video keeps that same aesthetic, seeing the band performing in front of a badly-rendered green screen, mugging at the camera and pretending to surf the waves crashing behind them. Watch the video for ‘Wavey Days’ below.