Keelo's 'Park Chinois' showcases his lyrical prowess and ability to craft a unique narrative, exploring the intersection of opulence and humble beginnings.

Hailing from south east London, what makes Keelo one to watch is his ability to encapsulate both an essence of triumph and adversity through his music.


In ‘Park Chinois’, Keelo draws inspiration from a personal experience – celebrating his birthday at Park Chinois restaurant in Mayfair, London. “I celebrated my birthday eating at Park Chinois. It put me in a reflective mood and inspired me to go to the studio,” he explains, adding: “I would describe the track as reflective, personal and versatile”. This moment of reflection inspired the song, delving deep into themes like relationship drama, the price of freedom, dealing with fake friends, incarcerated family members, mental health, and the intricate mindset of a hustler.


Keelo co-directs his music videos and, as a result, provides what can be perceived to be a much more an intimate look at the thought and effort behind his visual productions. The accompanying video for ‘Park Chinois’ beautifully captures the restaurant’s opulent atmosphere, offering viewers a glimpse into Keelo’s world. Elevating his lyrics with visual storytelling, the multi-talented artist presents an immersive experience, contrasting two different environments and taking us on a personal journey with him.

Watch the video for 'Park Chinois' now: