LA-based artist Brenda Carsey explores the need to set boundaries in relationships on her new single "Party's Over".

Despite the title, Brenda says that “Party’s Over” is not an anti-partying track. In fact, she says  that she loves a late night full of music and dancing. “It’s a song about how falling too far down the party rabbit hole may lead to a life of superficial relationships lacking intimacy, addiction to substances used as a tool for masking or avoiding truth, an unhealthy lifestyle in regards to health and hygiene, and more”, Brenda revealed.


Brenda has dedicated the song to everyone navigating their own boundaries and learning how to communicate them to others. “It’s a song about slowly awakening to your worthiness”, she adds. “It’s ok for you to grow, change, and move on! You are worthy and you are not alone!”


Melodically, “Party’s Over” blends jazz, soul and pop into a larger-than-life piano-led ballad that is just made for the stage.


Written and produced by Brenda herself, “Party’s Over” is the second single from the artist’s upcoming album, ‘Cognizance’.

Listen below: