New York City’s Joey Arias is refining artistic boundaries with his latest album ‘Past Present Future.’

Joey Arias is an artist who is constantly plucking new strings in his creative bow. He’s not just a singer, nor just a songwriter; he is a legendary provocateur, a trailblazer in New York’s art and performance scenes, pioneering the societal acceptance of drag. Serving as a beacon for inspiration for luminaries like Andy Warhol, David Bowie and Thierry Mugler, he now channels his own inspirations from the wellspring of his five-decade-spanning career into a feature-long album Past Present Future.


Reimagining several songs from his extensive career, Past Present Future emerges as a striking blend of pop and jazz with cabaret nuances all to Joey’s distinctive avant-garde flair.‘Your Science (Better Half)’—the albums lead single— showcases Arias’ raspy and demanding vocals. As luscious synths permeate the soundscape, colliding with a rupturing 80s snare drum, the track unfolds into a mesmerising jazz-pop fusion that perfectly represents Joey’s unique musical identity.


From the synth-driven frenzy of ‘Otherside of Midnight’ to the symphonic layers and tranquillity of ‘Inside The Ocean’, Past Present Future transcends mere jazz and pop notes. It becomes an intimate tribute to Joey’s unfiltered honesty and vulnerability as he delves into chapters of his life. Every track is a narrative, allowing us to bask in his storytelling prowess and experience the rich tapestry of his artistry.

Listen to 'Past Present Future' now: