Straddling indie, electronic, dance and pop, Koala Karlous’ latest release is an ode to the ocean.

Intricately weaving his own brand of electronica, Koala Karlous is the pandemic-conceived brainchild of Cornwall local Brandon Hargrave. The BMG-signed producer and songwriter found his calling in ambient, sonically diverse electronic music. Appealing to all genres, but not restricting himself to one, the artist has spent the past few years developing his all-encompassing style.


For his latest release, he’s teamed up with vocalist Emma McGrath and a live band, including Hans Zimmer’s own drummer Holly Madge. It’s a dance-infused track that continues to narrate Koala’s story with dreamy, pop-infused melodies and his signature genre-fluid sound. 


Speaking on the track, which shares similarities with the tunes of artists like Bonobo and Yoste, Brandon shares, “Emma sings “See the water, Go and find her”. This is about getting out of your head and finding peace in the ocean. Hitting the reset button and absorbing the power mother nature has to offer. With my business being as hectic as it is, my music is the yin to my yang of a business.”

Stream "Patience" below: