The mastermind behind London Fashion Week’s first Swap Shop will be taking the reigns on sustainable fashion at London’s newest fashion academy.

Fashion designer and sustainability pioneer Patrick McDowell will be appointed as Ambassador for Sustainability at the JCA | London Fashion Academy, the first lecturer to take on the role. Beginning in September, the Liverpudlian designer will be drawing on his wealth of experience into devising environmentally minded brands to teach students more about how they can adopt such practices themselves.


McDowell joins the JCA | London Fashion Academy in its early stages, founded in January and spearheaded by Professor Jimmy Choo. In joining forces with McDowell, the newfound Academy marks itself out as having a truly forward-thinking approach.


The new Ambassador for Sustainability has previously collaborated with Pinko on a “Reimagine” collection, which triumphs upcycling and re-using discarded materials. McDowell has now also been named as the Italian brand’s Sustainable Design Director. He is best known for innovating London Fashion Week’s Swap Shop 2020, where attendees donated an item of clothing to the rail in exchange for another. A global conscience is at the core of McDowell’s fashion creations.


Speaking about his upcoming role, McDowell has stated “I am a huge believer in the importance of creative education so absolutely thrilled to be joining the JCA team. My role here will be to explore with the students how fashion and sustainability can work hand-in-hand, for an altogether greener future.”


McDowell will be appearing at the Academy’s virtual Discovery Day on 15th May 2021 to share some insights into his career journey.