Chicago-based singer, rapper and producer Paul2000 drops vibrant debut single, “Super Dope”. 

Paul2000 is a multifaceted artist who’s been making beats since his school years. Freestyling from a young age, the wordsmith was heavily influenced by Eminem growing up. Now, he’s stepping into his own spotlight with the release of “Super Dope”, his debut hip-hop single.  


When a near death experience changed his outlook on life, Paul2000 realised that music was his deeper calling. A plethora of tracks have been made since, and after residing in Chicago, Paul2000 has become fixated and focused on chasing his musical dream. His name comes from the purchase of his first car, a HondaS2000, which holds a special place in his heart. 


“Super Dope” is out now and marks the beginning of Paul2000’s journey. The track champions a strikingly modernised approach to hip-hop, where the artist switches seamlessly between singing and rapping over both stylish and floaty production. On this new adventure, he says With losing so many years of my life I feel like I need to push as hard as I can to reach my goals in a short amount of time.” Paul2000’s a shining example that, whatever life faces you with, there is always a saving grace. For him, it was music. 

Stream “Super Dope” below"