CL Turner’s session group, Dry Ice and The Crescendos, are back with their new single ‘Permanently’, a true ode to their anthemic alternative rock.

Since dropping their debut single, ‘Hole in my Heart!’, this year, it appears that CL Turner’s talented ensemble is proving to be on an unstoppable trajectory. Dry Ice and The Crescendos are far from a cluster of newbies on the scene; they’re a seasoned group of touring professionals and adroit musicians, all under Turner’s leadership as a veteran musician, pianist and songwriter. The musical paradigm’s latest offering ‘Permanently’ tells a tale of raw vulnerability and human interaction.


With his musical journey cemented at a young age, Turner discovered his knack for playing the keys by ear at the mere age of 10 years old. His influencers are vast, spanning a diverse spectrum, from the likes of Post Malone to Green Day and Aretha Franklin to Earth Wind & Fire. These influencers are seamlessly woven into ‘Permanently’. Exploring “love, longing and relationship anguish”, the track begins with a smouldering collection of slow guitar riffs, gradually intensifying into a passionately vulnerable crescendo as the song unfolds.


As expected from the musical virtuoso, the vocals rise to new satisfying heights as the intensity of the track mounts. The voice, full of remarkable projection, alternates with the arrival and departure of searing guitar solos. The song concludes with the ultimate solo, replete with intricacies and complexities, serving as a fitting conclusion to Dry Ice and The Crescendos’ musical excellence.


Listen to 'Permanently' now: