Sam Segurado reminisces about loss on his acoustic ballad ‘Phoenix’.

One winter morning at dawn, Sam Segurado awoke from a vivid dream. Swiftly reaching for the closest piece of paper, he seized a pen and scribbled down the words, “Draw you in the sand before you wash away.” He grabbed his guitar and began playing a melody. Before long, the inaugural draft of his soul-stirring ballad, ‘Phoenix’ stood complete.


This enchanting beginning is part of the charm of ‘Phoenix’ which sees the Irish-Portuguese artist take it back to basics interplaying guitar and piano with his delicate vocals atop. Treading the path in-between romance and sorrow, ‘Phoenix’ offers us a snippet of his forthcoming album, The Remainder—the second album of a planned nine, while exploring the tale of difficult times and drawing upon the heroism of survival.


Infusing alternative-indie-folk elements against an acoustic canvas, ‘Phoenix’ is a resonant composition, primarily due to its profound exploration of loss. Recorded in a single take, the track exudes a distinct rawness and authenticity, subtly amplified by elements such as the chirping of crickets and the distant hum of an airplane passing during the second verse. The ethereal vocals of Christina Campbell—Seguardo’s childhood best friend— add a high-octane yet delicate touch with her Scottish lilt only further immersing us in the lush soundscape of ‘Phoenix’.


Speaking about the track, Sam Segurado explains, “It’s about loss. Maybe the end of a relationship, or maybe someone who is gone too soon. That’s part of why I decided to release it on Jeff Buckley’s birthday. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that he left so young, but his influence on my music will never die.”

Listen to 'Phoenix' now: