Pop prince, A-Zal, piques ears with richly textured acoustic riffs in his latest track, ‘Phonebook’.

Dating in 2024 is hard. Gone are the days of chance encounters and serendipitous meetings; instead, the digital world reigns supreme. From flocks of dating’s app having youngsters at chokehold, sometimes, internet dating can feel more like a tedious chore than an enjoyable pursuit. However, amidst the sea of left swipes and rejection, there are glimpses of joy, as exemplified by rising artist A-Zal in his latest track, ‘Phonebook’.


Even though A-Zal is still rising through pop’s ranks, he has already achieved what seasoned professionals are yet to nail down. From collaborating with major film studios including the likes of Marvel, CBS Network and Netflix, to writing soundtracks for hotshot series and movies such as Loki and Ms. Marvel, A-Zal is only adding more strings to his bow with every new single he unveils to the world.


In ‘Phonebook’ A-Zal delivers a captivating blend of infectious melodies and vibrant production. Eschewing synthetic elements in favour of acoustic instrumentation, he whisks up a dynamic soundscape characterised by pulsing guitars and an upbeat rhythm. With vocals akin to warm honey, his lyrics glide effortlessly over the crisp production, as he flaunts his contemporary flair throughout the three minutes worth of pop gooeyness.


Reflecting on the song’s inspiration, A-Zal shares “This is a playfully teasing song about modern dating in 2024! Dating apps and our phones are such a big part of the online dating scene today. I’m sure people would really relate to this song and experience the fun element of online dating.”

Listen to 'Phonebook' now: