Anaïs Cardot drops two new singles, 'Soldier' and 'Histoire Imaginaire', as part of the Pink Magnolia deluxe edition.

Following the outstanding success of her debut EP Pink Magnolia in 2023, Anaïs Cardot has captivated audiences worldwide. Garnering radio airtime in Los Angeles, Paris, and London, as well as television debuts in Canada and France, Anaïs’s influence has grown rapidly, with industry greats Masego, PJ Morton, and Lizzie McAlpine have all hailed her as a standout artist thanks to the rich depth of her musical creativity.


Earlier this year, Anaïs Cardot was named one of Amazon’s ‘Artists to Watch’ and nominated for Best R&B Song at the French award show Les Flames. Concluding this chapter with Pink Magnolia Deluxe, featuring two new tracks: ‘Soldier’ and ‘Histoire Imaginaire’ featuring JK The Sage, feels like the perfect way to wrap up such a successful period for the rising star.


Produced in part by Grammy award-winning producer p.priime, ‘Soldier’ introduces kaleidoscopic melodies and sweltering rhythms to Anaïs’s arsenal of sounds. As she explains, “’Soldier’ is an exploration of control and the desperation to avoid rejection within a faltering relationship. It delves into the intense struggle to maintain a connection that fate seems determined to sever.” Meanwhile, ‘Histoire Imaginaire’ pays homage to her French roots, showcasing dreamlike and delicate vocals that breeze wistfully across the endearing track.


Anaïs’s ability to navigate diverse cultures and languages has enriched her songwriting. Born with arthrogryposis, a rare condition affecting mobility, the creative’s resilience and passion for art, inspired by her late father and supportive family, propelled her into music at the early age of 14-years-old.


Her journey took a significant turn at Ottawa University, eventually leading to sold-out shows at the National Arts Center in Ottawa and performances at the Pique Festival. As her debut EP, Pink Magnolia has received widespread attention, solidifying her position in the global music scene. With Pink Magnolia Deluxe, Anaïs continues to captivate and inspire, cementing her reputation as a remarkable talent in contemporary music.

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