American, melodic indie-folk artist Gal Musette takes a synth-pop direction on the whimsical new single “Plateau”.

Gal Musette, real name Grace Freeman, captures the essence of Southern California with her graceful indie-folk. Making music from the age of 10, she’s used the skills developed in her infancy to make universally resonating lyrical compositions. Dulcet and delicate in tone, she explores topics like unrequited love and hopeless romance from a place of profound honesty. “Plateau” is her new single, which sees her divulge into a pop realm.


At the age of 14, Gal’s music was picked up by The Magnetic Fields band, who engaged with her project ’70 Love Songs’. Inviting the singer-songwriter on the Midwestern leg of their U.S. Tour, she performed adeptly across several shows and has since opened for artists such as Macy Gray and Suzanne Vega. Gal’s primary inspiration comes from artists like Björk, Joni Mitchell and The Cure, who individually express elements of the intersection between indie and folk music.


“Plateau” analyses the death of idealisation of love. Embodying a synth-pop sound that the artist is yet to explore, the single marks a change in sonic direction for Gal. It follows 2022’s single “Je vois le ciel”, which she sang entirely in French, drawing inspiration from surrealist poetry.

Stream “Plateau” below: