Torn down and still standing, Chetta is the all round creative musical artist to watch, as he releases his new mixtape, PLAYBOY.

Saturated by an ever-growing influx of artists, the music industry can be one of the most challenging spaces, especially if you are trying to stand out. Nevertheless, musician/rapper Joshua Marchetta, aka Chetta, has been doing just that by carving a path with his tools and a broad range of artistic endeavours. While Chetta has been making underground music for nearly a decade, he also lends his talents in many other ways. The artist’s added abilities to produce instrumentals and record, edit, and direct his music, as well as videos for others, could be enough for most creators. However, Chetta also creates all digital art, such as album covers, social media content, music videos, promotional materials, physical art, and clothes for multiple clothing lines — all of which make him one major artist to watch.


Even before diving into the underground music scene, Chetta was refining other skills, working as a master barber for over ten years. While he still owns and operates a barbershop, he put the scissors behind him to devote more time to his art and music. The need to embrace his artistic integrity stems from a sheer desire to have his art seen and heard by the masses. For Chetta, it has always been about expression rather than fame and fortune, which is refreshing motivation in an artistic realm filled with so many people simply searching for their fifteen minutes. He achieved several triumphs as an all-in-one machine, but none that did not come without the challenges inherent to the music industry.

The entertainment world is one the most cutthroat businesses out there, and Chetta learned this firsthand while tirelessly putting his work on display day after day. The musician learned early that any success in this industry comes with a thick skin and a robust will to push forward in the face of critics. His perseverance has paid off, and as of this writing, Chetta has been a part of multiple sold-out tours, domestic and overseas, performing in legendary venues worldwide.


He also signed with the label G59 Records and is surrounded by the people he cares most about in the industry. Additionally, Chetta cofounded a new and upcoming fashion brand called STAFF WORKFORCE, which has already gained success. After releasing almost 34 projects and dozens of videos, his music and visual content has racked up hundreds of millions of streams/plays across all platforms.


Chetta’s ever-growing achievements should remind those in the creative world who struggle with self-doubt and face the difficulties of a relentlessly brutal industry daily that success is close by if you fight for it. Pouring all your time and effort into various artistic spaces can feel daunting, but as true artists such as Chetta know, leaning on the satisfaction of creating original material is crucial. He currently has several more projects on the way: an album, more merchandise, and new music videos, as well as the second upcoming seasonal release for STAFF WORKFORCE clothing.

Listen to PLAYBOY below: