Canadian dark pop artist POESY returns with an 80s-inspired tune, "Cynthia".

POESY is the solo project of Canadian classically trained singer, songwriter and pianist, Sarah Botelho. With new track “Cynthia”, the artist has created an indie-pop anthem ready to get you on the dance-floor.


Classically trained in singing and piano from the of 4, Botelho’s musical interest was sparked from an early age. Originally discovered after appearing on the first series of Canadian music competition show “The Launch”, after landing a major record deal she was given the chance to collaborate with esteemed composer and producer Stephan Moccio on her debut single “Soldier of Love”. It charted in the Billboard Top 40, and she followed the release with a four track EP.


Since then, POESY has demonstrated her consistent creative drive. Recording and performing an original anthem for Canada Games earlier this year, her latest project is a debut album. “I Exist”, made in collaboration with UK producer Stephen Lipson, discusses themes including betrayal and self-actualisation, tracking a journey back to one’s truest self. Premiering soon, “Cynthia” is a new track continuing her storytelling knack.


Funky and 80s inspired, about the track POESY discusses: “I love that it’s not taking itself too seriously. And as a big classic horror fan, I’m so happy with the video and how it really has that old school cheesy haunted prom atmosphere. I hope it’s a tune everyone puts on and dances to with their friends while they fantasize about their crush. Cynthia very much shows my scorpio moon — if I’m into you, I’m really into you. Obsession can be intoxicating.”

Watch the video for "Cynthia" below: