After receiving much acclaim for her debut single “Power”, SE.V.EN has returned with another enigmatic and inadvertently lustful single “Poison”.

‘Poison’ explores the themes of an exhilarating addiction which brings forth temporary gratification and increased dopamine but consequently leaves you feeling miserable and regretful. The underbelly of the track embodies the contention between need and desire encompassing a spectrum of emotions when dealing with any type of addiction.


The repetitive and catchy chorus “I’m taking caution talking about that real poison” poses as a metaphor for the grappling and inner turmoil one experiences with an addiction whether it be with; love, lust, drugs or alcohol. Essentially, ‘Poison’ was written like the confessions of an addict of any addiction.


Giving us insight on the writing process and motivation of the song; SE.V.EN candidly says “I’m grateful to be in a much healthier mindset now. Poison was more paying homage to where I am now, where I’m seriously taking caution to not fall back into the trap.”


Accompanied by the powerful messaging is a bass-heavy beat which is rhythmic and hypnotic leaving you yearning for more. Tune in to the exclusive premiere of ‘Poison’ by the enigmatic and eclectic SE.V.EN and be prepared to see a lot more of this creative mastermind as 2020 gears up to a year of the lucky number SE.V.EN.


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