Rising Nigerian artist and self-producer Kemuel is back with an amapiano bang with latest track, ‘POLO’.

As 2023 came to a close, Kemuel celebrated a million streams for his hit track ‘Alone’. Yet, rather than resting on his laurels, he’s aiming even higher for 2024. And what better track to get the ball rolling than ‘POLO’? Dishing out an amapiano fusion teaser into his upcoming sophomore EP CLOUDS, set to drop this spring, ‘POLO’ racks up goosebumps as we are transported away to tranquil beaches on a summer’s day.


With music woven into his childhood, it was clear from the start that Kemuel would be a force in the scene. At the tender age of 13 he dedicated himself to mastering piano, bass guitar and drums, all while singing in his local church. His journey from those early choir days to now has been marked by collaborations with heavyweights like Olamide and DJ Spinall, as well as critical acclaim for his debut EP, which only cemented his position as a rising talent in the game.


Penned by Kemuel himself, with his producer alter ego, Wondah, at the creative helm, ‘POLO’ is a masterclass in lush synths and bass, expertly crafted to complement Kemuel’s infectious vocals and intricate wordplay. Inspired by a poignant conversation with a love interest, the track lays bare Kemuel’s soul, expressing a longing for genuine connection in a heartfelt and resonant fashion.

Listen to 'POLO' now:


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